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mexican food in montana?


The world’s great foods are often founded on unusual mashups of culture. Mexico’s passion of simple, earthy ingredients and Montana’s love of wild game and harvested foods make surprisingly natural bedfellows.


Bozeman, Montana

Montana Mex
Authentic Mexican Flavors from Above the Snowline


Montana Mex was founded in 2006 by Chef Eduardo Garcia. Marrying his Mexican heritage with his passion for the wild mountains of Montana where he lives, Montana Mex makes delicious, clean label, happy food to help you eat well and stay smiling.

We introduced an aesthetic that feels hand-crafted and rustic, a common thread between the cultures of Mexico and the West. The brand strives to reinforce the personality of Eduardo into everything it does, humor and playfulness in visuals and messaging.



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The Montana Mex line of products include salsas, sauces, spices and oils that encourage everyday chefs to get in the kitchen and kick up the flavor of any dish.


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